Photographing the Osa: Backlighting

Photographing back-lit subjects presented similar challenges to photographing in sunflecks. But whereas I was photographing plants in sunflecks, I tended to photograph back-lit animals, and they were moving. Post-processing included not only adjusting highlights and shadows, but also specific colors, such as for sky, feathers, or pelage.

Flying birds (the first five photographs) often are back-lit against the sky. Monkeys in trees or leaping between branches might as well be birds, as far as the camera is concerned.

Click anywhere on the panel below to start a slideshow. Within the slideshow, there’s a click-box at the bottom right of each image for viewing the full-size photograph.

All photographs are © 2016 by Aaron M. Ellison, all rights reserved. For permission to use or reproduce any of these images, or to purchase a print, please contact me.

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