This pair of books, co-authored with Manisha V. Patel, is a complete guide for students and research mentors to intensive, experiential research in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) outside of a college classroom. Through these books, students will discover how to find, engage with, and succeed in research, while mentors will develop a deeper understanding of how to build and support diverse and inclusive communities of collaborative researchers.

Order Success in Navigating Your Student Research Experience and Success in Mentoring Your Student Researchers.

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The late Professor E. O. Wilson wrote that this ground-breaking field guide not only contributes to our basic knowledge of ants, but places the ants of New England within reach of those interested in the natural history of the region.

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Nigel Chaffey says that Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution is a remarkable work of scholarship for a remarkable group of plants (by a remarkable band of enthusiasts).

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Professor Michael Gillingham calls our best-selling book an excellent primer to traditional methods in statistics and for designing experiments correctly from the outset.

Also available in Portuguese and Chinese translations!

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Click here to buy the book that Professor Oswald Schmitz calls a wonderful example of how to do the kind of integrative science that the founders of ecology originally intended. Ellison & Gotelli offer the next generation of ecologists a new way to think about nature.
Click here to buy this book, about which Professor David Perkins writes: the photos are strong and evocative, and the poems align nicely with the images in a very engaging mix.
Click here to buy the book that Professor Patrick Yurco, writing in Choice, says makes a compelling case for standardizing methods and creating a more open scientific commnity.
Download a free pdf of this book, which is a reprint of the Special Issue of the same name published in the journal Forests.