Pesticides, Pruitt and a plea for biodiversity

The Hill June 15, 2017 [ html | pdf ]

The thought of future springs without the call of songbirds — dead from eating poisoned insects — compounded by well-characterized impacts to our children’s health should be more than sufficient to ban chlorpyrifos.

It’s time to get real about conservation

Nature 538: 141, 2016 [ html | pdf ]

Better data will not save elephants, rhinos or any other species.

Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical cannot be ignored

The Seattle Times September 19, 2015 [html | pdf ]

Our lives are connected with every other species on Earth and we cannot live without them

Political borders should not hamper wildlife

Nature 508: 9, 2014 [html | pdf ]

Given the lack of global legislation, nations should work hard to establish cross-border protections for vulnerable species