Sketches of China: Kunming

My last stop in China was the “Spring City” of Kunming, in Yunnan Province. The climate is pleasant year-round, it freezes only in rare years, and the air is much cleaner (albeit still not as good as it could be) than it is in the other provincial capital cities. The first 8-1/2 of my 10 days here was spent in and around the Kunming Institute of Zoology, and working on manuscripts in my comfortable room at the Wen Hou Xin hotel on the campus of the Kunming University of Science and Technology.

Outings with my camera were few. The most curious—or macabre—was the outdoor market in between the hotel and the Institute. The two photos at the bottom right  are taken from one of the Kunming blog postings, but the three others are unique to here and capture the real flavor. The ox tail is especially pleasing, as it seems to be sweeping the ground clean of the ubiquitous litter (click on any of the images below to run through the market in a slide show)..

The two parks I visited, Lianhuachi and Green Lake, had only a few relatively interesting scenes (at least to me). Of the two, the smaller Lianhuachi was more endearing (click on any of the images from Lianhuachi, below, to view larger ones in a slide show),

whereas Green Lake was more interesting for its animal life (click on any of the three images from Green Lake, below, to view larger ones in a slide show).

And of course there are tricycles here too (if you want to read about Beijing tricycles, click here, otherwise, click on either of the two images below to view larger versions).


All photographs are © 2016 by Aaron M. Ellison, all rights reserved. For permission to use or reproduce any of these images, or to purchase a print, please contact me.

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